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Blackberry + Facebook = End of Productivity

From Reuters:

RIM rolls out Facebook for BlackBerry

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd has launched Facebook software designed especially for its smartphones to make it easier for users to browse the popular social networking Web site.

T-Mobile USA has been chosen as the first carrier to provide the new software to its customers, RIM said on Wednesday.

The application will let users receive Facebook notifications and messages automatically and scroll through them quickly, just like the e-mail service for which the BlackBerry is already well known. Users can also read and compose messages even while off line, RIM said.

The feature that lets users upload photos to Facebook will also be integrated with the BlackBerry’s camera and photo management software, RIM said.

RIM has been expanding its offering of so-called “lifestyle applications” like games and multimedia in a bid to attract more retail users to the traditionally business-focused BlackBerry.

Business-wise, this is a smart move by both parties. RIM increases the “usefulness” (quotes are VERY sarcastic) of their device, and Facebook captures the wealthy demographic who own these devices (including the younger recent graduates who are Facebook users).

Of course, I see this purely in terms of my productivity losses :-(.

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