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Magneto has arrived

“Magneto man” that is.

From Engadget (hat tip: A. Phan):

A boy named Joe Falciatano III from Pulaski, New York, seems to have simply the worst luck ever — and some think it could be do to an overly magnetized touch. While using PCs at this elementary school, Joe — who dubbed himself “Magneto Man” — found that every system he laid his hands on went totally haywire. Only after a teacher suggested he use a grounded, anti-static wrist strap did the systems experience relief from his Geek Squad-inducing grasp. Apparently, the boy has also disrupted slide show presentations and caused his Xbox to freeze repeatedly.

What do the experts have to say?

Kelly Robinson [who runs Electrostatic Answers] used an electrostatic field meter to measure Joe’s static electricity and determined it was normal. He measured the conductivity of Joe’s sneakers and concluded that they were very insulating, so they might have prevented any static on Joe from passing into the ground; hence, it went to the computer.

Is that the best you got, Mr. “electricity expert”? Psh. We all know he’s going to train an army (or “Brotherhood”) to lash back against the human “flatscans” who have oppressed his kind for so long.

But, I’m onto you, Joe. I’m onto you.

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