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Index Firefox 3 Bookmarks in Launchy

image I’ve been wondering why my favorite keystroke launcher hadn’t been integrating well with the latest release of my favorite browser. Apparently, Firefox 3’s new and more sophisticated bookmarks and history engine doesn’t auto-export bookmarks to HTML, which is what keystroke launchers like Quicksilver and Launchy use to index bookmarks.

And, of course, someone out there in the wide world of the Internet has the solution. From hackcollege (hat tip: Lifehacker):

  1. In the navigation bar, type in about:config. And “void your warranty” — that’s a joke from the Mozilla folks.
  2. Start typing in browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML until you find it. This is the setting for the Firefox-2.0-style bookmark saving.
  3. Toggle this setting to “true” by double-clicking or left clicking and selecting “Toggle.”

After that tweak, Firefox will export the bookmarks to bookmarks.html every time you close it.

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