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Comic book characters choose

The informed voter uncovers all they can about the political candidates’ views and backgrounds and performs an objective and methodical comparison which results in the selection of a particular candidate.

That is, of course, difficult and requires that the voter is actually smart enough to figure out the nuances and economic/social consequences of each candidate’s positions.

Much easier to simply ask – who would my favorite comic book character vote for? (HT: JZG, note: the “Comic Compass” is a play on the Political Compass test where the vertical axis charts how “socially” liberal or conservative you are, and the horizontal axis charts how “economically” liberal or conservative you are; so Ralph Nader is in the lower-left, Mao Ze Dong is in the upper-left, George W. Bush is in the upper-right, and Ayn Rand and her ilk are in the lower-right)


I had no idea that Apocalypse (Marvel) was more economically liberal than Darkseid – dark God of Apokolips (DC), but comparable in economic views to the Hulk (Marvel).


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