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Eternal youth

The “holy grail” of aging research is the ability to actually reverse the aging process. Or in other words, turn the clock back on this aged fellow on the left and transform him back into the handsome young thing on the right:

Of course, as with all things biological, nature figured this out long before any pharmaceutical/cosmetics company or scientist did. The creepy thing though, is that the solution nature came up with comes in the form of a jellyfish. An immortal jellyfish.

Turritopsis nutricula has a magical gift which countless celebrities would kill for — it has the ability to become young after each round of mating. As far as I know, no other species can do this, and as far as scientists can tell — this little jellyfish can “become young again” (as in return to its “juvenile” polyp form) as many times as it wants.

The consequence? It’s spreading like a cancer — where it once was only in the Caribbean, it’s now everywhere. Imagine if Paris Hilton never died because she never aged. But, she kept reproducing. Yeah, that’s how intense this is.

So, pick how you want the world to end:

collision with an asteroid in 2036
black hole from the Large Hadron Collider
– or invasion of immortal unstoppable jellyfish creatures

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