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Partner bingo

At my firm, we have a lot of respect for the partners. Not only do they source the deals that keep our paychecks coming, they are oftentimes active members of the community (serving on the boards of various non-profits and charities) and very accomplished and respected members of the business world. I have yet to meet a partner who did not immediately impress me with his or her gravitas and intelligence.

But, just because we respect them doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with them at the same time.

image Having been consultants for years, Partners are neck deep in consulting-lingo, something which some of the associates have taken advantage of in a game that we like to call partner bingo.

How do you play this incredible(-y nerdy) game, you ask? It’s simple, make a 5 x 5 grid and place in it phrases that you’d expect the partners to say. Things like “outperform the competition”, “focus on the core business”, “expand to China”, or, the most bittersweet, “I know we don’t have the data for this, but…” (bitter because it implies that some one like me will spend the next couple of days finding this data).

Bring it to the next big team meeting, and enjoy as the senior partners of your firm discuss big business ideas while filling up your bingo board. First person to get a row, column, or diagonal wins.

Don’t you want to play?

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