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Lessons from the Consulting Life: chain yourself to your blackberry

Yesterday, I stopped by a coworker’s desk to grab a quick morning breakfast and then to discuss our various workstreams. Given the endless teasing I get about how dependent I am on being connected via 3G wireless card and Blackberry, I thought I’d mix it up by not bringing either my laptop or my blackberry to the meeting.

Big mistake. The next thing I know, I have 6 emails in my inbox marked urgent: two from the head partner on my case, one from my manager, one from the head partner’s executive assistant, and two from the office receptionist. I have a message left on my cell phone from the partner. And I have the receptionist pinging me over the PA system.

It turns out the one time I choose to go “unconnected”, the client’s CEO suddenly needs some data that I have.

Lesson learned: I will chain myself to my Blackberry.

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