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Goodbye, Scrubs

image This past Wednesday was the last episode of Scrubs, a show which I had gotten hooked on in college.

What had initially gotten me hooked were the main character’s (JD, played by actor Zach Braff) fantasies and daydreams. They reminded me a great deal of the little daydreams I had while walking/driving from place to place or when doing something monotonous (although they were nowhere near as crazy as JD’s were in the show).

What kept me coming back season after season was watching the show’s characters mature from “little baby interns” into residents and then attending physicians, all the while dealing with issues and life choices which were becoming all too familiar for me.

And, before I knew it, I was watching it week-after-week with my college roommate and his girlfriend, sometimes even while doing problem sets (explains some of my lower grades, now that I think of it…) This culminated in an interview with Dr. Jon Doris, the real person which Zach Braff’s lead character JD was based on (and one of the show’s medical consultants), about medicine and Scrubs for the Next Generation MD, a publication for pre-medical students that I wrote for.

The end of Scrubs, to me at least, was like saying goodbye to some friends I had gotten to know over the past few years. And so, yes, I will miss Scrubs and the hilarious antics of JD, Turk, Carla, Elliot, Dr. Cox, Dr. Kelso, Jordan, the Janitor (who’s name I won’t spoil if you haven’t seen it yet), Ted, and all the other characters I’ve gotten to know.

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