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While all of my friends were playing their Super Nintendo (and later, their Gamecubes, Playstations, and XBoxes), my parents disapproval of video games meant that I continued to play classic games on my Famicom (which to the uninitiated, is the Japanese name for what is essentially a Nintendo Entertainment System).

It helped that I wasn’t very good (arcade/action games aren’t really my forte – I’m more of a strategy gamer) – so it took me longer to win (I’m somewhat ashamed to admit this, but I still haven’t beaten Super Mario Bros). But, even though the new games had a lot more glitz (and I couldn’t help but pine after a more sophisticated console when gems like GoldenEye and Final Fantasy came out), there was a certain “old school” charm to my dusty old system.

And now, you too can experience that “old school” charm. Thanks to Jamie Sanders, whom I can only describe as a 17 year old prodigy, who has figured out how to turn the NES system into a Java virtual machine — translation: you can now play ANY NES game in your browser just by going to

image image

Oh, and if you’re wondering, the screen shot above is a picture of me getting beat pretty badly in my all time favorite NES game: Mega Man 6 (or as my Japanese version called it – Rock Man 6)!

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