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Look ma, no battery!

While Moore’s Law may make it harder to be a tech company, it’s steady march makes it great to be an energy-conscious consumer, as one of its effects is to drive down power consumption in generation after generation of product. Take the example of smartphones like Apple’s iPhone or Motorola’s new Droid: Moore’s Law has made it possible to take computing power that used to need a large battery or power source (like in a laptop or a desktop) and put it in a mobile device that has a tiny rechargeable battery!

imageSome folks at NEC and Soundpower took advantage of this in a very cool way (HT: TechOn via Anthony). By combining NEC’s specialty in extremely low-power chips with Soundpower’s expertise at creating vibration-based power generators, the two companies were able to produce a battery-less remote control powered only by users pressing the buttons!

It makes me wonder where else this type of extremely low-power circuitry and simple energy generation setup could be useful: sensor networks? watches? LEDs? personal-area-networks?

And at the end of the day, that’s one of the things that makes the technology industry so interesting (and challenging to understand). Every new device could enable/develop a whole new set of applications and uses.

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