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Off the Market: How to Profit from Infidelity


Infidelity has major consequences. The biggest ones are (or at least should be) personal consequences (loss of trust and hurting someone you care about), but when you’re a public figure like Tiger Woods, it can also have major financial consequences (like the loss of advertisement deals and negative impact to one’s reputation).

image Leave it to some enterprising significant others of professional athletes to create a company called Off the Market to find a way to profit from this (HT: CNBC). Off the Market is an invite-only event where professional athletes and their significant others, at no cost, can mingle and access information and products/services to help, as their mission statement puts it, “help athletes sustain a positive and sexy relationship with their mates”.

And how does Off the Market fund itself?

[Off the Market] will make money by signing sponsors that will have access to the power players at the parties and through the Web site’s e-commerce page.

Gift bags to Monday’s event, for example, will have a product from Tenga, which makes adult toys for men.

“It’s a perfect partnership,” Robbins said. “Our men can use this product on the road and that will help them stay straight at home.”

Other sponsors of Monday’s event include Judith Ripka jewelry, Vita Coco drink, the W Hotel in Hoboken, Modern Luxury Ventures (concierge company) and Coastal Advisors, an insurance company that writes policies for athletes.

Robbins says she hopes to spice up the sponsorship deals.

“We’d like to offer a private lesson for strip pole dancing one day or even offer to have a strip pole built in a home,” Robbins said.

Impressive way to connect delivering a valuable service addressing a distinct need to financial return.

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