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NFC for your tombstone?

image Near-Field Communications (NFC) is a very interesting short range wireless standard which is behind a good deal of the smartcard and the cell-phone-as-credit-card/mobile payment technology out there. It promises to make it very easy to embed a ton of information into almost any object – whether it be your payment and identification information in a cell phone or tracking information on a box being shipped across the country – and to make it easily accessible to any device with an NFC chip merely by bringing the two NFC-bearing circuits together. This is an exciting area of development as it has the potential to change how we track products and storage, manage transactions, handle identity, and record information.

One direction I didn’t quite expect it to take, however, was on tombstones (HT: The Register). American NFC gizmo company Objecs has created a product called RosettaStone whereby the deceased can have detailed digital information about their lives stored in an NFC-accessible microchip embedded into your tombstone so that, they claim, 3200 years later, someone can use their NFC reader to find out more information about you.


Microchip + sticker + a leather case, all for $225. Come on, Marginal Revolutions, why hasn’t this made your Markets in Everything list yet?

(NFC N-mark – NFC Forum) (Image credit – Objecs)

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