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This is how you make a resume

The best recruiting advice I can give is to make your resume exactly like this fictional representation of what Sergey Brin (one of Google’s co-founders)’s resume looks like (HT: Pierre Lindenbaum):


Why do we like it?

  • It’s unnecessary, in a good way. Does anyone really need to read Sergey Brin’s resume to know he’s sharp? You are unlikely to be Sergey, but there are things you can do (doing informational interviews, networking, being recommended) which can help make your resume unnecessary in a good way
  • It’s simple. I can’t tell you how many resume’s I’ve read where the writer has tried to pack every last detail of his/her life into it. No. We don’t use resume’s to judge you as a human being – we use them to judge if you could be a good employee, worthwhile to interview.
  • Big font. Easy on the eyes. Memorable. To the point.

Rock on, Sergey Brins of the world.

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  1. Ben Ben

    Thanks for the love, there, Serena. Still unemployed? 😛


    others, “Who? Wha? How do you even pronounce that.”

  3. Ben Ben

    Thanks for the love, there, Serena. Still unemployed? 😛

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