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Batman + Snoopy

If its not apparent by now, I’m a fan of comics. Two of my favorite characters in comics would be Batman and Snoopy (of Peanuts fame). So, when I read this week’s Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed (its a weekly series on CBR’s Comics Should be Good blog), I was extremely delighted to see that there was a short Batman comic written in 1981 which homaged Snoopy’s great American novel.

What novel you ask? It was a regular Charles Schulz gag about Snoopy authoring the greatest novel you’ve never read on his cute little typewriter:

image image image

Amazing, right? Now, pay close attention to the next four comics:image image image image

Why pay attention? Because then check out the following Batman comic. See anything familiar in the text?

image image

I was in nerd-fanboi heaven 🙂

(All images borrowed from Comic Book Legends Revealed page)

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  1. kuroten kuroten

    snoopy is awesome. i still haven’t gotten over my crushing disappointment when i first saw what a real beagle looks like…

  2. Ben Ben

    ME TOO! I was like — what, you don’t walk and talk to birds?

  3. Stephaniewu Stephaniewu

    holy shit that’s awesome. not a huge batman fan but i looove peanuts.

  4. Jensasaki Jensasaki


  5. Keebirdb29 Keebirdb29

    I found your page here by searching to see if anyone else (besides me) had a drawing by Bob and also one by Charles on the same paper, signed by both. When I saw that you like both of the characters on my special posession I thought I would tell you that I just put it up for sale on Delaware craigslist. Search in collectibles for Schulz and Kane. Drawing is Snoopy AND Batman drawn and signed by each artist at Comic con. Sorry if this looks like an AD it’s targeted at the author here not the masses.

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