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Farewell, Mr. Jobs

imageGoogle acquiring Motorola and HP dropping its PC/tablet hardware businesses not enough news for you? Late last Thursday, another jawdropper hit the tech industry when Apple announced that visionary CEO Steve Jobs was stepping down.

The tech industry is now awash with commentary about Jobs’ legendary leadership which was not only instrumental in the creation of Apple as a company, but took it from a distant laggard in the computing space to pioneering technology powerhouse today. This is particularly impressive given the degree to which Apple’s leadership structure (warning: full article behind paywall, but well worth a read if you are interested in how corporate organizations work) concentrates authority in the hands of the CEO – meaning, yeah, Apple’s success really *is* because of Steve, whereas in a lot of other companies its only partially due to the CEO.

While I’ve definitely picked a side in the Google vs Apple war, even this “fandroid” has to admit a certain sadness that Jobs is leaving. A very small part of it comes from the fact that I’m an Apple shareholder and find it near impossible to find anyone that has the same vision and execution skills to replace him. A much larger part comes from the fact that Jobs played a huge role in shaping the technology industry for the better:

In any event, I salute you, Mr. Jobs for a remarkable career and an incredible legacy.

DISCLAIMER: I own Apple shares

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