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Tech Should be More Than Just Dollar Signs and Deals


Much of the talk recently about the company Oculus Rift has been around the notion that it’s recent $1B purchase by Facebook is a sign of a tech bubble: that companies without clear traction or business plans are being valued for outrageous sums of money.

Without commenting on that particular transaction or idea, I will say that while things like financials and valuations are important (I am a VC after all :-D), those of us in the tech industry oftentimes forget the reason that we’re all here: to help create things which improve people’s lives in transformative ways.

Seeing this article/video on Engadget earlier today about how Oculus Rift helped a terminally ill woman get to virtually walk outside reminded me that there is more to the tech industry than dollar signs and deals: the reason we’re here is to make people’s lives better and that we should never lose sight of that.

This won’t (nor should it) resolve any debate or concerns over the technical and financial merits of Oculus Rift. But my point is there is more to tech than just making money and driving up valuations, and if we want the future of the tech industry to be more than just bubbles and crashes, we should keep that in mind.

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