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New Theme!

Many things have changed since 2009. Amazingly, up until today, my website’s design was not one of those things. 🙂 Despite all my talk about mobile devices and being at the forefront of technology, I am the old guy who’s been using the same WordPress theme since the end of 2009 when I switched over from Blogger!

Well, no more! Now powered by Compete Theme’s Founder design, my new webpage now:

  • is powered by a responsive design (so the page will look good even on the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets)
  • natively supports social links
  • takes advantage of WordPress’s menu-ing system (so I can more easily customize menu’s without going into a theme’s custom menu setup flow)
  • takes visitors to my homepage directly to the About Me page which also now features one of the few photos that doesn’t make me look terrible instead of drops users into a confusing, touch-unfriendly link carousel

I’ve also made a couple of other tweaks and customizations to update information / fix formatting to fit better with the new theme, but if anyone spots any bugs, please let me know in the comments! 🙂

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