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The Next Generation MD

The Next Generation MD was started by my good friend Lester Leung with the help of the editors of the New England Journal of Medicine. Its purpose was to provide informative articles to pre-medical and medical students around the country about the medical profession, healthcare policy, and healthcare delivery. For me, it was a great chance to work with some of my good friends and even some of the editors of the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine on some great interviews with folks like Doug Melton (Harvard, stem cells), Frederick Hayden (University of Virginia, avian flu), Michael Osterholm (University of Minnesota, avian flu), and Jonathan Doris (medical consultant, Scrubs). Yes, that’s right — I interviewed someone who contributed to one of my favorite shows of all time — aren’t you jealous :-)?

  • Stem Cells: Progress and Controversy (Interview with Doug Melton) [PDF]
  • Avian Flu (Interview with Frederick Hayden and Michael Osterholm) [PDF]
  • His “Scrubs” Story (Interview with Jonathan Doris on Scrubs) [PDF]
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