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  • Why Childcare *is* Economic Infrastructure

    As a parent myself, few things throw off my work day as much as a wrench in my childcare — like a kid being sick and needing to come home or a school/childcare center being closed for the day. The time required to change plans while balancing work, the desire to check-in on your child throughout the work day to make sure they’re doing okay… and this is as someone with a fair amount of work flexibility, a spouse who also has flexibility, and nearby family who can pitch in.

    Childcare, while expensive, is a vital piece of the infrastructure that makes my and my spouse’s careers possible — and hence the (hopefully positive 😇) economic impact we have possible. It’s made me very sympathetic to the notion that we need to take childcare policy much more seriously — something that I think played out for millions of households when COVID disrupted schooling and childcare plans.

    The Washington Post’s Catherine Rampell also lays this out clearly in an Opinion piece, tracking how the closure of one Wisconsin day-care had cascading impacts on the affected parents and then their employers.