Data Science / Programming

  • A visualization of the impact of stock market volatility on long-term returns using Monte Carlo simulation
  • A web-based tool (and an unshared C command line tool) I built to help ophthalmologists calculate AGIS visual field defect score for glaucoma patients
  • Poster presentation and published journal articles on the use of different types of word embeddings and their performance on ophthalmology analogies and low vision prognosis prediction
  • Poster presentation and published journal article on the use of deep learning / NLP methods applied to electronic medical record text to predict glaucoma progression
  • A deep learning model that predicts if a journal article would be published in a top 15 ophthalmology journal using Tensorflow 2 and Keras
  • Building an AI powered Metasearch concept that uses an LLM to interpret a user query and kick off searches on Reddit, Wikipedia, Unsplash, a podcast episode search engine, and a Pinecone vector database populated with images I crawled
  • Building a personalized newsreader powered by AI that uses a deep learning model to rate articles and serves them in a webapp. I built the entire front-end, back-end, and AI training/inference code